Staying fit while you stay at home

April,24 2021

During these unprecedented times, it’s hard to guarantee the likelihood of gyms being consistently open. Luckily you can get a great workout in just 20-45 minutes a day at home and not have to worry about people watching you in the mirrors or if someone sanitized the equipment. Working out from home is also a great way to get the whole family involved and start healthy routines, setting family goals, and blast great music in the comfort of your own home.  With some basic equipment like skipping ropes and resistance bands, anyone can elevate any type of workout you have in mind.


Being active not only helps to lower your blood pressure but also helps boost your immune system. From flushing bacteria from the lungs and airways to increasing white blood cell circulation and raising body temperatures which helps the body fight infection. Not only is it great for your body, but partaking in physical activity daily is a great way to combat the psychological turmoil most people are facing during their stay-at-home orders. It helps to lower stress hormones like cortisol and promotes the release of endorphins which will make you feel good.


Simple exercise such as going up and down stairs multiple times, or walking briskly around your home until you feel an increase in your heart rate. With platforms like YouTube, they offer great workout videos including Yoga, HIIT routines, and Zumba to name a few of the numerous options. These different platforms offer videos for people of all skill levels and ages. You could even dance for 10-15 mins with your kids in the kitchen to some old school tunes and that allows you to let loose and have some fun with the kids. Workouts don’t have to be so structured and intense in order to get your physical activity in. Remember that we are all going through a storm right now so be gentle on yourself and your body if you aren’t doing as much as you were before the pandemic.


A balanced workout includes an equal amount of pushing and pulling. If you don’t have access to any equipment, you can always lift heavy objects safely around your house, bench press your kids, wrap a towel around a tree and pull your body weight, or do downward dog with your poodle. During this time of uncertainty, we can claim control over our well-being. With how we react and how everyone is reacting differently, it’s okay if you have no motivation to work out every day. Creating goals you and your family can work towards will help to take your minds off of what’s going on and teach everyone how to work together and to encourage each other during these unprecedented times.